Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Government Experts

Governments around the world as part of their war effort are sending out their educated experts to tell the media, the uneducated masses and each other to inform and educate about H5N1. Propaganda is an ancient form of mass control that is useful to keep the panic stricken public hordes from deserting whole industries in droves and clearing chemists, fuel suppliers and food shops in a basic need to survive. All credit to the propaganda machine as so far this is working. The common people are still feeling happy and safe that all is normal and they are in safe hands. Meanwhile...

What I love about British Government experts is their ability to see into the future. I think that Mystic Meg has been employed with her crystal ball to help things along a bit. Give the Government their due this strategy is working. The British Public are feeling warm and safe in the hands of the British Government experts ... and Mystic Meg.

The Experts and Mystic Meg have prepared us for the worst. They say that when H5N1 comes knocking on Britain's door that it will be staying, like an unwanted family relative, for about 5 years. The Experts and Meg also give some figures on the number of deaths if a pandemic would happen. These figures change like the British weather depending on how the Government or the Expert feels at the time. It is my belief that if the Expert had a bad night's sleep the night before then the statistic for deaths may go up a little, or the Expert just out of a bit of mischief may add a few zero's on the end of the figure. The good news is that the British Public have a memory that runs to about the length of time between two episodes of the British soap opera EastEnders. The Experts will always finish off by reasuring the trusting British public that all is well, and nothing horrible will ever happen, and even if it did then they have a secret weapon ready to magically resolve all problems. An Expert with some authority has also said that an H5N1 pandemic will never happen. Nobody has consulted with H5N1 on what the virus thinks of all these sage predictions by our Government's great minds, which is rather rude because H5N1 has rather different ideas.

I am wondering if I would rather trust a bookmaker with my money or a British Government expert and Mystic Meg over H5N1 predictions. Now what was that bookmakers web site address again?

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