Wednesday, March 01, 2006

British Politician Talks Turkey

Or perhaps he was talking bull. MEP Robert Sturdy fluffed up his political feathers as International Trade spokesman and waded into the fray to demand immediate bans on poultry coming into Britain from foreign parts to protect the British poultry industry. Stating that half of poultry comes from East Anglia our political champion, referring to former French bans on British beef during the BSE crisis, suggests a British ban on French poultry.

Fearing that the Government would mishandle the H5N1 crisis our political hero has demanded that bans are made on all poultry coming into England from infected countries, adding a few sage words made by recent Government Experts/Mystic Meg, before making his way onto the next vote winning issue.

It is good to see that turkeys continue to brighten up British lives in politics. H5N1 you see Mr Sturdy is not going to be stopped by a poultry ban, as it travels on the wings of wild birds who will be happy to bring H5N1 to our many poultry outlets in East Anglia. And now the French are reading such undiplomatic bird droppings about banning their poultry one would be forgiven if the French and other countries may desire to ban British products when H5N1 begins to make contact with our native chickens.

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