Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Young find H5N1 Disagreeable

There appears to be a difference of opinion between H5N1 and the younger generations according to more recent research by experts. Occasionally an expert makes an interesting deduction from H5N1 deaths in humans that young people find an infection from H5N1 more disagreeable than older people. This is an interesting reversal of standard opinion as it is usually the older person who kicks the proverbial bucket when meeting a human version of flu.

According to Tony Cunningham, another of those experts that come into daylight from the dark corners of institutions around the world at a time of national peril, is that in a study of human deaths from H5N1 the virus had killed 90% of all under 15's that it had infected. Mr Cunningham believes that H5N1 infection in young people causes the immunity system in a young person's body to overreact leading to the destruction of the lungs and death. Baby Boomers around the world are not enthusaistic about this theory, as young people are required to fund Baby Boomer pensions, and support the nursing homes that Baby Boomers will soon be visiting on their slow journey to that nice man with a grin in a black robe holding that oversized sickle.

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