Wednesday, March 01, 2006

H5N1 V China: Qinghai Lake

Some folk refer to the "aggressive" H5N1 virus as the Qinghai version. In otherwords the Qinghai version is the Rambo of the H5N1 versions and likes to throw it's weight about a bit by killing the odd human being that gets in its way.

This version originates from China and was noted for its killer instinct at Qinghai Lake, China. China is the sort of country that means business and hates being beaten, especially by lifeforms smaller than a George Bush braincell. However size is not a big problem for H5N1 which is more intelligent and homicidal than a George Bush braincell.

H5N1 paid a little visit to Qinghai Lake, China and killed a few birds. China felt that H5N1 was not expressing the spirit of the revolution then sent in a small army of experts to exterminate the virus. H5N1 appears to have enjoyed the challenge and exterminated much of the wildlife, residents and many of the officials sent to kill it. News reporters had a little disagreement with officials about the need to report such negative little incidents like a murderous virus than had reduced China's population slightly by the odd hundred people. With the media mostly toeing the official line the officials of China were happy as was H5N1.

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