Friday, March 03, 2006

Pakistan: Family wiped out by H5N1?

A report on a cloth merchant called Rashid Ali has surfaced who is a resident of Gujranwala in Pakistan. Mr Ali was rushed into hospital with acute pneumonia and showing H5N1-like symptoms. After two days of treatment Mr Ali sneezed and kicked the bucket. Over 11 days his 19 year old brother and his mother also died in similar circumstances.

It appears that the official figures are only the tip of the iceburg but the majority of the deaths of humans, birds and other assorted species from H5N1 go unreported. Still one must ask when the Titanic will be sailing, who is sailing in the Titanic and when will the Titanic and the said iceburg meet. One prediction is clear that the band will continue to play even as the Titanic sinks beneath the waves.

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