Friday, March 03, 2006

England: Pigeons Pose H5N1 Threat

Shortly after my little report on pigeons in London I read an interesting piece by Keith Hall today about pigeons being identified as a potential problem to urban areas if H5N1 takes wing into England.

During a press briefing today a Dr Bob McCracken, a former president of the British Veterinary Association, admitted that all British birds would be a threat to public health in the event of H5N1 infections in Britain. Our good doctor was unable to say to what extent wild birds could carry or spread the disease but admitted H5N1 would be difficult to control.

Whoops! Does this little message not sort of clash with those messages from our British experts and politicians who have gone to some serious lengths to say that there is nothing to worry about with H5N1? Still our EastEnders loving British will be too absorbed with the latest plot in EastEnders to notice, which according to the EastEnders website is focussed on Keith who like our experts seem not to be able to say the right things without putting their foot in it.

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