Friday, March 03, 2006

France: H5N1 Knocks French Ego

Every country has a symbol of national identity, a sort of national ego if you like. Britain has Dot from EastEnders whilst France has a cock, or a better term a Gallic Rooster. The French eat, sleep, talk and play with their Gaulish cocks which makes them feel very secure. For the French the loss of their cocks to H5N1 is causing a national identity crisis. Lets face it whilst the English can lock their other national icons like their ravens into the Tower of London, the French are having a national identity crisis as their cocks are killed off by a virus, with no respect for national icons regardless of where they stick their cocks. I am still awaiting British plans on securing our own national icon, Dot from EastEnders, from a visit from H5N1.

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