Thursday, March 02, 2006

Goodbye Bahamas!

Mystic Meg was right when it was claimed that H5N1 had touched down in the Bahamas that it was just all voodoo. The alarmed Bahamas officials immediately saw a drop in one of their major sources of income, tourism, and the noise of brakes as the officials went into reverse was quite deafening. Obviously tourists are as important to the Bahamas as chickens are to Bernard Matthews in England. In the excellent tradition of British Rail, who has provided wonderful examples of why trains do not run on time like leaves on the line, we are told by the wise men of the Bahamas that all the flamingos died of old age. Whilst the Bahamas have a higher than normal number of flamingos kicking the bucket from old age the buckets and spades of tourists will once more be contributing to the Bahamas tourist economy.

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